Body odor is a very serious issue,so serious in fact that there is actually a market for high-tech devices that alert users if they start to stity The夏天随时装载一瓶除臭剂If only we had a way of knowing when we smell,and how bad.thankfully,Japanese wellness device maker tanita just unveiled its newest com A hand held smell checker that analyzes body odor and ranks its名叫贝利约的es-100的气味探测器从该公司的酒精呼吸探测器中获得了灵感。他们改进了检测酒精的技术,用于检测引起体臭的粒子,ES-100就是这样出来的。


this thing is super-easy to use . just flip it open and point the built-in sensor toward the problematic areas of your body . it reports 0 seconds for the he这个体味传感器只要关掉它,把内置传感器的一端指向能使人体味的身体部位就可以了。据报道,该便携式探测器只需10秒钟即可收集和分析数据,小LED显示屏上显示了数字结果。


0means you dont smell,1 to 4 are acceptable levels of body odor,5 to 9 should really have you concerned,And I assume a 10 means youre a walkingInterestingly,the tanita es-100 doesnt work just for naturally occurring body odor,But also for cologne . so if You feel that too much co有趣的是,Beliyo ES-100不仅对天然气味有效,对古龙香水也有效。如果喷太多古龙香水会像汗臭味一样难受,可以用这个掌上电脑确认是否喷了太多古龙香水。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),古龙香水名言)Tanita said that it expects The es-100 smell checker to be really popular with salarar贝利达表示,他期待ES-100体味探测器不会受到40 ~ 50多岁男性上班族的欢迎
However,The Japanese company adds that The device could be very useful for other categories as well,Like people who want to make sure body odeInterestingly,this is not the first Japanese high-tech device dedicated to fighting body odor . last year,next technology unveid A toy robot有趣的是,去年NextTechnology发表了一款名为Hana-chan的机器人狗玩具,它可以被气味强烈的体味击倒。